When Elbert was young, he used to watch Alex Coleman and Glenn Carver on WREG-TV. His life has been revolved around that moment when he first watched the news. Elbert wanted to be in news since day one. Fast forward to today,  he gets to work with the same anchors he watched when he was young. A major accomplishment five years in the making since he graduated college.

Elbert Hubbard is a production assistant at WREG-TV in Memphis.  He has worked there since 2017.

Before that time, Elbert was a camera operator for the Memphis Redbirds and a Digital Video Producer for the University of Memphis.

Throughout Elbert’s life, he has seen his share of success and struggles. He had a speech impediment that affects him to this day. It affected him throughout grade school into high school. Elbert also has dealt with mental heath struggles in high school. In spite of his problems he remained positive about his future. By the time Elbert graduated high school, he won many awards for his academic achievements and community involvement.

Elbert is a proud HBCU graduate of LeMoyne-Owen College. He graduated with his Bachelors degree in Mass Communication and Journalism in 2015.

He currently attends Full Sail University studying New Media Journalism.

His background consist of Video Production, Print and Online Journalism, and Broadcast Writing.

Elbert’s career goal is to become a reporter, anchor, producer, or other positions involving news.


10 Facts About Elbert


  1. Elbert loves video games, bowling, and hanging out with friends.
  2. Elbert has a baby sister named Erika. Most people think they are twins, but she is his little sister.
  3.  Elbert won Homecoming Duke, Most Memorable, and Prom King in his senior year in high school.
  4. Elbert was involved in a news writing and delivery competition in high school.
  5. Elbert was involved in various community projects in Memphis.
  6. Elbert is the first grandson in his family to graduate college.
  7. Elbert had various jobs in college such as cashier, office assistant, assistant carpenter, and store stocker.
  8. Elbert at one point in college was a still photographer for his newspaper, student activities, and the college itself.
  9. Elbert is a second generation LeMoyne-Owen College graduate. His aunt, Gwen Miller-Neely, was the first graduate of LeMoyne-Owen College in his family.
  10. Elbert was born on a military base in Ft. Campbell, Ky (Clarksville, TN). His father (Elbert Sr.) was an Army engineer and veteran and his mother (Ellen) is a registered nurse.