Security director Anita Philips warned students about vandalizing dorm property during a recent dorm meeting in the Little Theater.

Philips said “There were several vandalism cases, resulting in some students being expelled. Students threw jelly on the walls, super glued the elevator, slashed car tires, and put jelly on the bottom of fire extinguishers,” she said.

She reminded students that if found guilty of any act of vandalism, she has the right to move beyond the judicial process and send students to jail.

She also stressed the importance of wearing student IDs in every building, including the dorm and student center. Students can be in violation if they refuse to show ID or refuse to follow the orders of security officials when entering the dorms or student center.

“Students have to cooperate with security and security officials have to cooperate with students in order to have a safer campus,” Phillips said.  “This is our home and we need to treat it as such.”

Also, during the meeting, Carolyn Bishop, housing director, discussed visitation polices as they relate to preventing crime on campus.

Dorm visitation begins at noon  for all students and ends at 10 p.m. for outside guests.  Dorm-to-dorm visitation ends at 11 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, dorm visitation is from noon to midnight for outside guests and co-ed visitation, and until 2 a.m. for dorm residents.

Bishop said roommates must agree to permit visitors.  “It makes the room more comfortable for students,” she said.

Phillips warned students about their visitors taking food, drinks or other items from their roommate or violating their privacy.

She said the IT department is working on a tip line for emergency purposes and explained how students can file a report to security.

Phillips concluded by stressing the importance of checking the LOC email and  e2campus, an emergency text message system for student emergencies. She told everyone to sign up in order to be informed about certain emergencies on campus.


Post Written October 29, 2014

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