Gospel great Dottie Peoples brought the LOC Sunday crowd to its feet April 6 at the Cannon Center, but student performances left a lasting impression of the quality of students at LeMoyne-Owen College. Hallelujah FM 95.7’s Adrian Michael Davis introduced Peoples, who performed a number of her classic hits, including “On Time God,” as well as her new release, “The Old Church.” “I thought the performance of LOC Sunday was awesome,” said Luanne Powers, Concert Choir member. “I wasn’t really sure that the students would get into Dottie Peoples, but she knows how to pull a crowd regardless of age. She really got into the crowd spiritually.” In addition, the newly-formed Kashmir Society told participants why they should invest in LOC students — because each is quality. “We are your return on investment,” Freshman Keenan Stuckey said during the performance. “The reason should now be clear why we can make these bold statements. The reason is because we understand that WE ARE QUALITY.” In an exhibition of support for the African American male, male members of the royal court and the men’s basketball team re-enacted the Sanitation Strike, entering the Cannon Center carrying “I AM A MAN” signs. Memphians from across the faith-based community came to see students showcase their talents, including musical performances, artwork, photography, and science projects. The Gospel Choir, directed by baritone Lee Johnson, performed “Oh Jesus”,” Everyday Is A Day of Thanksgiving” and “Total Praise.”  The Concert Choir, directed by Professor Jennifer Olander, performed “Elijah Rock” and “O Sifuni Mungu.”  The African Drum ensemble performed selections, as well. The sign language class translated Vicki Winans’ “We Shall Behold Him,” performed by songstress Shirley Hill. City Mayor A. C. Wharton, County Mayor Mark Luttrell, and pastors James Netters (Mt. Vernon Baptist Church) and Lester Baskin (Middle Baptist Church) attended the event. For student efforts, participants departed the Cannon Center chanting the word, “quality.” President Johnnie B. Watson said he expected the best out of students and LOC Sunday, and he was impressed. “I think this is one of the most outstanding LOC Sundays we ever had since I have been president of the college,” he said. “Each year, I want us to improve, improve, improve and this was excellent this year.”

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