Students of the Concert Choir surprised members of Academic Affairs Thursday with songs of thanks for their new uniforms. Dr. Cheryl Golden requested the uniforms for the choir, but said she was shocked when they showed up to sing donning the black and white tuxedos and dresses. “I was surprised; I have always loved live performances,” Golden said. “The choir looked so beautiful and handsome in their new uniforms.” Jennifer Anderson, director of the choir, and some of the choir members said they planned the surprise after Golden approved the new uniforms. “We were over budget with the uniforms and had to come to her,” Andersen said. “I planned to thank Dr. Golden for the uniforms and send her a thank you note; however, some students thought that giving her flowers and a singing telegram while wearing the new uniforms would excite her.” Golden said she sees a bright future for the concert choir. “As a matter of fact, I envision the choir going on the road more, traveling across the country where the alumni are,” she said. “This generation of choir is ready to do that; they look sharp and they sound sharp today.”


Post Written September 28, 2014

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